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On the Easel...
A flock of Cickadees (private commission)- Oils

Recently Completed...
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A Kingfisher- Oils
An American Kestrel- Oils
A Mountain Lion- Oils
A White Tiger- Oils
Pink Roses- Oils
A Bison- Oils
A male Hen Harrier- Oils (commission)
A Damoiselle on Yellow Flag Irises- Oil (commission)
A Blue Tit- Oils
A Kingfisher in Autumn leaves- Oils
A Fox in snow- Oils
A Wren on a pear tree branch- Oils
A Kingfisher- Oils
A running Brown Hare- Oils
A Grey Seal pup- Oils
An English Longhorn Bull- Oils
A diving Kingfisher- Oils
A Lady Amherst Pheasant (Naked Portrait style)- Oils
A Barn Owl- Oils
A Coal Tit on a burdock stem- Oils
A Wren- Oils
A Naked Portrait style Silkie Bantham- Oils
A Peregrine Falcon hunting a Teal- Oils
A Grizzy Bear- Oils


The day I met Michael Palin
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michael Palin, he was at his old school in Sheffield to pay his respects to his late geography teacher John Hall.
I was asked to go on stage in front of an audience of over 400 people while Michael unveiled my painting, he then asked me to take a bow.
It was a great honour to be invited to paint the portrait of Mr Hall, and a great pleasure to be invited along to the memorial evening.


2013 Exhibition Success
As the dust settles from my 2013 annual exhibition, I'd like to thank all those who attended the preview evening and the public opening during the weekend. Sales were good, and Neil and I received many good comments as a result of our efforts, which is always very encouraging, so thank you for that!


New Greeting Card Design
I have just taken delivery of my latest greeting card, it's taken from my painting of a pheasant taking flight, entitled 'Frosty Start'. Each card is A5 in size, has a blank centre and comes with an envelope all in a cellophane bag. The cards cost £1.50 each plus P&P, please send an email or call me to place your order.


Cage & Aviary Birds
'Cage & Aviary Birds' paper/magazine has published an article on my paintings and bird keeping hobby. The paper which has been published for decades, contacted me last January to enquire if I'd be interested in allowing them to interview me with regards to my work and in relation to my hobby, I of cause was delighted to oblige! The paper is a weekly publication and can bought from most good news agents or supermarkets, (Morrissons in particular).


Facebook & Twitter page
I have recently created a new facebook page and twitter account, with the intention of posting any new images, works in progress, events and my thoughts etc. I would be delighted if you would join me on there.
There are links to both pages on my home page.

YouTube Slide Show
For a number of years now I have intended to put together a short video of my work and put it on YouTube, so at long last I have managed to do so.
The video is a slide show of some of my personal favourite paintings from my career so far, it is accompanied by beautiful piano music and lasts just over two minutes.
To view the video please click on the link, I hope you enjoy it...
I do hope to add another video soon, which will feature footage of myself working and talking about my art, so keep watching this space...


Freedom for Freedom
Shortly after my painting 'Courtship' was awarded the prize at NEWA, (as mentioned below) I was contacted by a lady in The Netherlands who went on to purchase the painting, the lady in question Jeannet Zwiers, rehabilitates White Storks, and has them flying free and nesting on her land, (which is open to the public as an information centre). She explained to me that she had bought a male White Stork which was in captivity, and was wanting to give the bird it's freedom to fly amongst the other Storks in the surrounding land. But Jeannet was frustrated to hear that it was illegal to release a bird that had previously been in captivity! So she made a decision to take her issue to the courts.
Now I am pleased to say that Jeannet's cause has been successful, and 'Freedom' is now flying free! This just goes to show that with steely determination how one person can make a big difference! Well done Jeanette!

'Courtship' wins an award!
I am delighted to announce that my painting 'courtship' has received an award at the 2011 NEWA exhibition, (a wildlife art exhibition based on the Wirral, UK). The award was given by Wildscape magazine, which is a quarterly wildlife art magazine published for collectors of wildlife art and wildlife artists alike.


Sally Mitchell Fine Arts
I have the great pleasure in announcing that my painting 'Flushed' (Grey Partridges) is now available as a limited edition print in two different sizes, the images is being published and marketed by Sally Mitchell Fine Arts, the company is a long-standing family run business based in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
I have greatly admired their business for many years, and now I join a long list of acclaimed artists to be represented by them.
Please click on the following link to view/purchase the print- Sally Mitchell Fine Arts

A New Venture
Following the great feedback from many people regarding my new painting 'The Scullery Maid', I have decided to produce a series of paintings in a similar style. I intend to produce 5 more paintings of ladies in Tudor dress to be included in my annual exhibition in Selby this November.
These new paintings are inspired from visiting some of the UK's re-enactment fairs, where people dress in traditional clothes of their chosen period. I am particularly interested in the 'common folk' who cleaned, farmed or took care of livestock of a bygone era.
It would be great to hear from anyone who is involved in such activities as reenactments so I can gain more reference material to work from, or even who may want their portraits painting as a private commission, after all what can be more traditional than having an oil painting produced of yourself in your attire?

Greeting Cards
I am pleased to inform you that I have 7 new greeting cards available!
Six designs which feature some of my most popular images have been published by myself, the seventh has been published by the country and game pursuit publishers 'Sally Mitchell Fine Arts'.
I have published 'Winter Friend' (Robin),' Hovering Barn Owl', 'Gone Fishing' (Kingfisher), 'Bright & Early' (Wren), 'Winter Roe Doe' & 'Pheasant in Snow'. These cards are all A5 in size, blank centres and each come with an envelope and are cellophane wrapped.
The other image published by Sally Mitchell is 'A Gentleman Calling' (Pheasant), this card measures 7 x 5 inches, envelope provided and cellophane wrapped. You can order this card directly from Sally Mitchell or from myself.
All cards cost £1.50 each, please email me for your order.

'King Henry' to go on US tour!
I have just received notification from Kathy Foley, Director of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, that 'King Henry' has been selected to go on the Birds in Art USA tour.
The touring exhibition will commence at the Museum of the Gulf Coast, Port Arthur, Texas (January 16- March 13, 2011; Newington Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on Hudson, New York (April 4- June 9, 2011); Wendell Gilley Museum, Southwest Harbor, Maine (July 1- October 9, 2011); and Michelson Museum of Art, Marshall, Texas (October 29, 2011- January 8, 2012).


A trip to the USA
I have recently returned from the 'Birds in Art' exhibition in the USA.
It was my first attempt at submitting my paintings to this prestigious exhibition, and I was thrilled to learn that I was accepted.
Each artist who is accepted into the exhibition is invited to attend in person, so I took this possibly once in a life time opportunity to do so.
I was made to feel very welcome by all, the museum's staff, friends of the museum and the general public alike, all treated me like royalty throughout the weekend. And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make this already wonderful experience even better. And not forgetting a big thank you to all my new artist friends whom I met whilst over there!

Birds in Art Acceptance
I am very proud to announce that one of my paintings "King Henry" has been accepted into the very prestigious Birds in Art Exhibition, at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, in Wisconsin, USA. This long-established and arguably the World's most highly regarded wildlife art exhibition, only accepts the highest standard of artworks for it's inclusion, and therefore I feel very honoured to be acknowledged alongside that of approximately only 115 other juried artists, (world wide) including the likes of Carl Brenders & Robert Bateman. It is the very first time that I have submitted any of my artworks to the exhibition, and thanks to my success my paintings will reach a wider international audience.


Sri Lanka
I have recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Island of Sri Lanka where I was delighted to see an abundance of the most colourful wildlife, which was not only living in the national parks, but amongst the people in cities & towns.
Birds such as Bee Eaters, Kingfishers (of many species), Eagles, Purple Coot, Paradise Flycatchers, Junglefowl to name but a few.
I stayed in Yala national park, which is renowned for it's wild Leopards, and yes I did see one, and manage to photograph it for a future painting!
Wild Asian Elephants, Mongooses, Sloth Bears & Spotted Deers were also in abundance at Yala.
My main inspiration to visit the country was to see the wild Peafowl, a bird that I have spent many hours painting over the last year, which I'm happy to report I did see.
My first painting will be of an ancient Buddhist temple, which will feature a pair of wild Peafowl upon its crumbling masonry. This painting I had in mind before I even stepped off the aeroplane, and I was delighted to come across a temple as I had envisaged.


AFC Monthly Conservation Artist Award for January 2010
I have been given the AFC's monthly artist's award to celebrate my commitment and contribution to the AFC's mission, by featuring me as the January, 2010, recipient of the AFC Monthly Conservation Artist Award. The Award is made each month to a member of the Group who has demonstrated a combination of artistic excellence and who has made an extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause. Other recipients of the monthly award have included Robert Bateman, John Banovich, David Shepherd & Simon Combes to name but a few. You can visit the AFC website by following this link


A Visit to Turbary Woods
I would like to thank Andy Bilsborough and staff at Turbary Woods in Preston, Lancashire, for their kind hospitality on my recent visit. Andy and his friends are all volunteers at the sanctuary, and work very hard to rehabilitate rescued birds, most of which are owls and other birds of prey. I was able to photograph many of the birds, which will enable me to use for future paintings. Checkers the Eurasian Eagle Owl is a particular favourite with the visitors, and I was lucky enough to fly Checkers to the glove on my visit. I recommend Turbary woods to all members of the public, and especially to other wildlife artists and photographers, as Andy is more than accommodating to those who require good photographic reference. The sanctuary is open all year round, and is truly worth a visit.
To see Checkers in slow motion flight click on this link-


Best British Wildlife Painting
It has been announced that I have won first prize for the 'Best British Wildlife' painting, in the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society's annual exhibition. The painting entitled 'All Done', featuring a Female Sparrowhawk, (having devoured a Wood Pigeon, and about to take flight), scooped the prize at the MIWAS's 11th annual exhibition. The painting along with over 600 other paintings can be seen and purchased at the exhibition, which runs from 27th- 30th August. See the events page for further information.


Success at The Festival of Falconry
I would like to thank all those of you who visited me at the Festival of Falconry, it was nice to see familiar faces and of cause make some sales too.
This year I had my own pitch on site as well as exhibiting my work in the official art marquee.
One painting in particular seemed to gain a lot of attention, the 'Gyr Falcon portrait' also caught the eye of a Sheik from Abu Dhabi, so much so that the Sheik purchased it to add to his collection, and is interested in seeing more of my future work.


Prize winner
At the 2008 MIWAS exhibition I was awarded two prizes for my paintings. One prize was for the winner of the “Best Bird Picture” (2D only), for my painting entitled “Nesting Robins”. The second prize was runner up for the British Wildlife category (All mediums), for my painting entitled “Winter Roe Doe”. The prizes were presented to me by the BBC wildlife camera man and TV presenter Simon King.



What's on the easel?


Steven Lingham with Michael Palin

Michael Palin unveiling my painting











'The Scullery Maid'




Birds in Art 2010- Non US Artists
From left to right-
Marion Kardasz, Gunnar Tryggmo, Me, Lucinda McEachern, Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Chris Bacon, Simon Gudgeon, Zev Labinger & Minisha Padhye





"King Henry" Birds in Art Exhibition Acceptance





Sri Lankan Leopard (photo, soon to be a painting)




AFC award




Steven with Andy and Checkers (the Eurasian Eagle Owl ) of Turbary Woods


'All Done' A Prize Winner


"Gyr Falcon Portrait"


Steven Lingham (left) with Simon King

Steven Lingham with BBC TV
presenter Simon King


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