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I was born and raised in the North of England, I relocated to Texas, USA to be with my wife and fellow artist, Julie Asher, where we paint from our studio, ‘Studio 714’.


I have been painting and drawing for the majority of my life, and in 1995 decided to take the steps to sell my artwork and have been doing so ever since.

My passion for birds is evident as the majority my portfolio contains the subject, from passerines to raptors, game birds to tropical.

Since moving to the USA, my personal discovery of ‘new’ environments and species has increased my passion and I am planning to portray these subjects in forthcoming work but will very much continue to paint my beloved native species for my European collectors.

I have used a variety of painting media - acrylics, gouache and the occasional pencil drawing, but have finally settled upon oils, which allow me to attain vibrancy in colour and texture.


I am known for the meticulous attention to detail in my paintings, and although can be very labour intensive my work is still rich with light, atmosphere and movement.

Notable Achievements

The Famous Grouse Whisky


I was recently commissioned to paint a portrait for the latest 'The Famous Grouse' scotch whisky blend.

The Famous Grouse is a household name and is available worldwide, although this particular product is currently only available in Europe.

The latest blend using Speyside malts has a sherry finish due to it being matured in Spanish oak casks seasoned with sherry.

For this project the iconic grouse design was to feature a female Cantabrian Capercaillie, a subspecies of the Western Capercaillie of the grouse family found in Spain.

I feel greatly honoured to be invited to produce this artwork, and I look forward to seeing it in the stores. 

RSPB Calendars

In 2019, 2020 & 2021, I was commissioned to provide images for the RSPB Slimline Calendar.

I spent many hours as a child drawing the birds featured on the front covers of the RSPB magazines, and to be invited by the organisation was a true honour.

RSPB Calendar.jpg
King Henry- Peafowl.jpg

Birds In Art

In 2010 my painting 'King Henry' was accepted into the prestigious Birds In Art exhibition, arguably the world's highest regarded bird art exhibition.

Situated in Wisconsin, USA, The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum has been organising and hosing the exhibition annually since 1976.


I attended the exhibition in person and was delighted to meet many of the greats including Carl Brenders and Robert Bateman.

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